Applications of Infineon IGBT - FZ1600R12KF4 Best IGBT for Motor Drives

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Capable of generating power up to 1200V and 1600A with a light weight of 2.20lbs, Infineon IGBT FZ1600R12KF4 is a perfect fit for various motor drives. Its easy construction aspect even makes its usage more convenient to users compared to the conventional semiconductors.


Eupec Infineon FZ1600R12KF4 has a high surge current reaching up to 2500A or 60Hz. It’s a non-isolated type composed of a mounting base serving as an anode terminal, making it suitable for low voltage with 3-phase rectifier applications.


This lead-free IGBT transistor module is so powerful and durable that it can last and maintain its efficiency for many years. Highly versatile, FZ1600R12KF4 can be used on other applications, such as DC motor controls, AC motor controls and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices.


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