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Glossary of Business Terms - Time Management

Time Management : Time management refers to the ability to properly plan and use time in order to promote efficiency and productivity. Instead of actually managing time itself, the term refers to the management of activities and processes that occur during a general or specified period of time.

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The term "time management" is most commonly associated with self-help tools or as part of project management. Many self-help tools, books, and seminars are designed to empower people and give them more control over planning their lives and activities. This usually encompasses time management skills and helps people acquire the motivation and incentive to better plan their days and months in order to accomplish specific goals. Companies and managers use the term in short term projects by defining target goals that will be met during the course of a project.

Personal time management usually begins by identifying specific goals and tasks and breaking them down into smaller tasks that can be accomplished over a given period of time. Each task is usually assigned a deadline and a duration of time over which it should be accomplished. Smaller tasks can be assigned a period of hours or days where larger goals and tasks have deadlines of weeks or months. By breaking down large goals and projects, individuals then have a greater sense of what is needed to accomplish the goal and generally feel more empowered and confident in their ability to achieve it.

Also called : Management of Time, To Do List, Productive Use of Time, or Time Manager

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