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People cannot find you if your site does not rank in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. No one who searches by the keyword you selected is going to find you. Only when people find you there is a good possibility of a click to visit your site. This is traffic.

Through our GoDaddy account we also have access to a huge library of software to help create or enhance our sites. To create your niche market website you will need a free website builder with shopping cart. GoDaddy has a couple to pick from that are free yet very feature rich.

What type of finished product does it produce? Preferably you want something that does not really look like a template. You want something that looks professional and customized to your business.

Volusion website offers ever tool that you need to create and manage your own e-commerce website. There is a free 14 day trial so you can try the product out and be certain it will fit your needs. There are several packages to choose from beginning at $19.00 a month up to $149.00 a month. There are larger custom plans if you need something else. You will have to schedule a consultation to get a quote. Volusion offers credit card processing, design services as well as marketing services.

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Make sure the host you choose has minimal to no downtime. It is frustrating if you try to log on to your site, and the server is down. If you have a business that relies on the internet for sales, this means you will lose a lot of money because your site is not operable.

Members also get free web hosting by joining. You heard me right; free! So you get all the Internet marketing tools and lessons to learn and apply everything you need, you get an free website builder with free domain tool and you get free hosting for your new website. All you can think of is provided at Wealthy Affiliate.

We recommend iContact. We have been using this service and recommending it to our clients for 3 years and have never had any complains. they are adding new training information almost daily and their customer support team is very helpful and friendly. They are the one team of support people that I would actually recommend you call (how many companies tech support teams can you say that about?) They work on the tiered structure allowing you to start small and grow as your list grows. They offer month to month pricing with no contracts or they have a discount if you decide you want to jump in for the entire year.

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