Experienced Truss Supplier from China

Spigot Truss from RK is made of aluminum. It is light spigot truss and high-quality spigot truss. The Spigot Truss is widely used everywhere. RK spigot truss is famous around the world.
There are three kind of the spigot truss.
1.Ladder spigot truss: 220*220mm 290*290mm 400*400mm
2.Triangle spigot truss: 220*220mm 290*290mm 400*400mm
3.Square spigot truss: 120*120mm 220*220mm 290*290mm 400*400mm 520*520mm
Our Truss items are manufactured of Aluminum. With this material, stage truss of RK are light-weight, but sturdy, portable and effortless to build, sturdy and not effortless to rust. Other folks are manufactured of wood or metal content, but i think the aluminum truss is the most suitable for the stage.
In fact, RK truss is the manufacturer specialized in all kinds of relationship spigot truss, blot truss.
RK has 15 years old, is one of greatest truss manufacturers. We comply with the strictest production and top quality control normal, focus on providing consumers higher top quality truss. Warmly welcome to check out and negotiate!