HTC Desire 510 (A11) White (Boost Mobile)

Build quality is actually not bad. It does not look as cheap as the price you pay for it.
Snappy Quad Core CPU really zips through anything.
Call Quality is awesome.

Now the pros and cons.

Front facing camera is adequate.
RFC is capable of making 1080p videos @ 60 FPS as well as slow motion video... just be sure the subject matter is well lit.
Snappy CPU plays any and all games you wish at the highest setting... no lag.
Removable cover to replace the battery if needed and add expanded storage.
Well built phone. Feels nice in the hand.
Loud speaker is actually quite loud!
4G LTE in my area. Amazing for a phone in this price range.
More than ample screen size. 4.7 inches is more than most phones at this price offer.
Battery lasts forever AND charges quickly.