Boy dresses up as woman, gate-crashes girlfriend’s wedding

After a failed attempt at elopement, a youth thought to try his luck one last time at the wedding of his girlfriend. He dressed up as a woman, complete with ghagra-choli, fake hair and bangles, and entered the marriage venue in Badaun, hoping to reach his girlfriend and take off with her.

However, he had hardly made it to her, when a group of woman cornered him and found out that he wasn't a woman. They roughed him up and handed him over to the cops. In a tragic end to the love story, the guy spent the night in jail, while the girl went ahead with her marriage.

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According to reports, 19-year-old Santosh Kumar Maurya, a resident of Baliya village under Bhamora police station in Bareilly district, was in love with an 18-year-old girl residing in Allahpur Chamari village under Ujhani police station in Badaun district.

Villagers said Santosh had reached the girl's village nearly 15 days back and fled with her. However, the couple had taken a halt at a dhaba where police had caught the duo. "Santosh had claimed to police that they are siblings but his mother after arriving at police station said that the girl is her daughter while Santosh is her son-in-law. Suspecting something is amiss, the girl's family members were called in, who took away their daughter back to the village as her marriage was fixed with somebody else," said a villager.

However, though Santosh failed in his first attempt of fleeing with his girlfriend, he did not lose hope. On the girl's wedding day on Monday night, he gate-crashed into the marriage ceremony by dressing up as a woman.

However, before he could reach his ladylove, he was corned by a group of women who were relatives of the girl. It did not take long for the women to realize from the body-language of the youth that he is not a woman. They informed the other male members of the family about it, who then roughed him up and took him to the police station.

In-charge of Ujhani police station, Surendar Singh, said, "Though the family members of the girl brought Santosh to police station, they did not lodge an FIR. We have informed his mother, Kanti Devi, who came to police station on Wednesday and took him with her."

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