Self drilling hollow anchor bolt provided by Sinorock

Sinorock provides a variety of self drilling hollow anchor bolt.It is available in different dimensions from R25 to R130.
This product is mostly used for weak rocks, loose soil, weathered layer, sand with stone layer and so difficult to create a hole in complex formation. In forepoling of the tunnel and a variety of slope retaining in the supporting work well to reach the ideal support effect.For permanent anchor bolt(soil nails) applications, we provide two practical means of extending the life of the nail in the critical area at the soil / air interface: the one is Hot-dip Galvanizing ,the other one is Duplex Coating Rock Bolt.
Features :
1. Self drilling hollow anchor bolt have two performances :one is drilling ,the other is grouting. The anchor bolt have these features: reliable, efficient and convenient construction.
2. In a variety of complex formation of the anchoring effect are excellent.
3. It emphasized that close to the rock surface of flexible support systems to better play to their strength of rock, restraining deformation of surrounding rock, restoration of surrounding rock stress balance.