lost in the croud

lost in the croud29 yrs back, I was a happy little baby with no sin or worries. well as years passed it came to my attention that i was growing up in an opharnage boy it never bothered me. but one thing that kept me going was i was a free lancer. i only knew my sister for she looked after me always, remember when i was in grade 5 she came and gave me a handful of 5c coins man i was over the moon. My bad, havent introduced myself, Arnold Zambe is my name, born on the 5th of August 1985 so they say, the last born from my mothers side and we just 3, well i dont know how many are we from my fathers side and most shocking I dont know him, which makes things wierd in my life, mom passed away August 27 2007 which makes August, August in my life. Well I dnt wanna bomber you guys with much of my ugly background.