The worship interview with Mr David Adede.

It was a great experience with a man who is eloquent all through and although as a challenge when he set the pace I was to keep up with to ensure the conversation was going as smooth as it should. I noted he is one humble guy despite his achievement which can be an obstacle as most celebrities would go a step further from becoming an interviewee and turn out a brag lad which changes the interview into an actuality less than its intended purpose. Of course coming to his dressing I had no problem and what I love best is he did not overdress for the occasion and that is another plus for him. Publicity is always a major aim to most people and also the dramas that come with it but guess what, David believes in the Bible quote "seek ye the kingdom of God and all shall be added unto you"... 

A date you do not want to miss as what you thought worship as a genre was turns a myth but for your own good. The tail end of
the interview.