Reduce Me of Myself

Reduce Me of Myself

'If everyone would come after me, he must deny himself and simply take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it. What good is it for a guy to gain the world, yet lose his soul'? Mark 8: 34-36, NIV

This has been a lengthy hard summer and yet so completely alive with all the possibilites that God has shown me. Clicking find out more likely provides aids you can use with your mom. I'm rapidly approaching the very nearly finished process of co-authoring a book on natural dog health with a holistic veterinarian, released out a new product line with Saving Grace Enterprises, and ramping up for an on the web conference with veterinarians, doctors, etc., to help train on stopping a superbug staph disease. Now this all seems kind of critical right? Well not in accordance with what God has been telling me all week!

Last Sunday in service, our pastor had an extremely interesting sermon on Psalm 2-3 even as we shut out a series on The Godward Heart. We've all heard and read that psalm because we were children most likely, whichever Christian faith we're. Nevertheless, I've never heard it introduced like this and that is almost certainly why it resonated so loudly with me. I want to do my usual roundabout means of getting to the purpose here...

Psalm 23 is focused on the Shepard and His sheep, right? Understanding what a shepard's duty was and how h-e went about this in Jesus' day is what got my attention. Whoever has read my articles here understand that I'm not just a pet lover but my business is a business in normal pet care. When our pastor began explaining how a shepard cares for his sheep and what instruments h-e uses, I felt like God was sitting close to me and whispering in my head and it sent shivers up my back in a most pleasant way!

The shepard had a staff (all of us know that) that was about 5 or 6 ft tall I really believe our pastor said. It'd the catch by the end most of us find out about and that was to keep sheep gathered in and not wandering. Sound familiar? Ever wonder why God describes us as sheep? It's not a lovely statement because they're not the brightest animals in creation, and they require constant tending and direction. The shepard also carried a baton regarding the size of what our police bring today. He would use that to fight off attacking predators. H-e also used it for something much more harsh.

If one sheep was continually wandering off and maybe not learning how to stick to the herd, the shepard would make use of the baton to split one or two of the sheep's feet and then quickly set them. Then he'd take that sheep around his neck until he was fully recovered. The reason? For the sheep to become influenced by the shepard for all its requirements and to connect completely with him. Again, God does the same to His children.

Yet another interesting point the shepard could do is to place oil on each sheep's head and also human anatomy to ward off pests (fleas, ticks, travels, the usual suspects). Now the oil described is not your vegetable cooking oil as that will not ward off insects. No it was what we now know as crucial oils (which incidentally still are utilized extensively in that the main world due to their healing benefits and fast growing within the UNITED STATES) blended with probably olive oil. The oils served still another purpose too. Lamb are goofy and get angry with each other over anything (again like us). When they did get angry, they had go charging into each other to butt heads so hard that they might destroy each other. With the oil on the heads, it would help them to skid off each other preserving them from killing each other.

Yes, I am getting to the pet business with Dee and the 'serious stuff.' So for their own defense the shepard would bring a huge leather poncho he would use throughout inclement weather and also use like a 'pup tent' of sorts to settle. So we've got Dee's leather products and my essential oils in the pet business. Hmmm. Leather was the Shepard's protection. Oil through the Bible is representative of the Holy Spirit. H-e uses animals as types of us. Is anyone else 'seeing' this? God will definitely use whatever, wherever, whoever for His purpose and beauty if we only obtain the heck from the way. Learn extra info on read more by visiting our disturbing wiki. Be treated of