1200V IGBT Inverter FZ1200R12KF1 - Function in UPS Technology

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FZ1200R12KF1 is a lightweight, high power IGBT transistor module that can provide your UPS that added boost! At 8.82lbs, FZ1200R12KF1 can create power up to 1200A or 1200V.


This IGBT transistor module, with high sensitivity, has anti-blooming characteristics with a continuing variable speed shutter. Infineon FZ1200R12KF1 can provide more than enough energy for UPS to go beyond its maximum capability with its strong module construction and optimum electrical performance. It is a perfect solution for industrial applications.  Manufactured by Infineon, one of the most reputable manufacturing companies worldwide, you can be assured of its high quality that makes it truly a worthwhile investment.



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