What are the benefits of having laminate flooring over carpeting?

Laminate flooring is a type of plastic floor covering that generally looks like hardwood but is stronger and more durable. It's also available in styles that create the look of tile and stone. The hard surface thermoset covering consists of fiberboard with a melamine layer. Melamine is a resin and primary constituent in the flooring's polymer construction. Laminate flooring, then, has a number of advantages over carpeting. Not only is it more durable, it's easier to maintain, a good choice for anyone suffering from allergies, simple to install because of its tongue and groove construction and typically more affordable.


Laminate flooring is proven to be 15 times stronger than hardwood floors; therefore, it's also a good choice over carpeting because it wears well in high-traffic areas and resists scratches, stains and fading.

Extended Warranty

Many laminate floors come with a 10- or 15-year guarantee against Homestead allergy doctor UV damage and stains.

Ease of Maintenance

Laminate floors are excellent coverings for areas that must endure the stress of foot traffic. Most only require a speedy cleaning with floor cleaners especially designed for laminates. You can't say the same for carpeting.

Allergy Relief

Carpet fibers can capture a number of allergens, especially dust mites that can allergy dr homestead cause allergy sufferers a great deal of discomfort. Because laminate floors are easy to maintain, they do not hold the allergens like dust and dirt that can cause allergies.

Easy to Install

Laminate flooring is also much easier to install than carpeting. Because it's self-locking, it's simple for most do-it-yourselfers to install in their home.


Costs for installing good carpeting and a pad can range from $19 to $38 per square yard, as of December 2009. Laminate flooring costs from around $7 to $11 per square foot for installation. Because laminate flooring lasts longer and has the same aesthetic appeal as carpeting, it also is a more affordable choice as a floor covering.


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