Famous Football Players

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The rules of the game are quite obvious. There are two teams comprising of 11 playing on field. These two teams play against one another while their main motto is always to move the ball tactically onto the opponent's side and surpass the opponent's goal keeper gain an ambition. The term goal derives from the simple fact of putting the ball in-between two goal posts.

Well, Barcelona starting squad is quite potent. However, several substitutions are possible. Valdes will be the only choice for a goalie. In defense Puyol and Abidal are not to become substituted. You can try to substitute Dani Alves for Marques to incorporate some defensive strength in your team. However, if you do so, I would propose using Milito around the flank ad Marques as Center Back. In general, defense will be the weakness of Barca. That's why you should make game into center field as soon as possible

Next-gen goalies can also get improved reactions making better decisions around the pitch, creating last ditch saves and can catch the ball less and deflect it more, exactly like their real-life counterparts. In the next-gen versions of "FIFA 15," goalies will also be capable to track the flight with the shots hit towards them.