An Article On Perfectionism

What's Perfectionism? Perfectionism is defined as a drive to attain excellence. A perfectionist is person who has this quality.

'Perfectionism' is a most widespread opinion in our world. Observe that I used the term 'perception.'

Every where nowadays of ours, perfectionism is deemed good and desirable while flaw is think as bad or negative. Everybody wants everyone else to be perfect. Employers want their workers to be exquisite on the job. Parents want their young ones to be the best. Perfectionists want their themselves and work to be perfect.

Is Perfectionism really a total or universal value, because it is indeed clearly viewed as being good? In my opinion, it's not.

To me, it's relative and comes into the world of human pregnancy. Perfection is an idea. It is a concept of the perceived ideal state of matter. But, things are the way they are. Browse here at the link to read the purpose of this thing. For every circumstances, the reality is what's at each case. Perfection and imperfection are for that reason only attached values.

I am not suggesting that perfectionism isn't great. I am suggesting that perhaps perfectionism can throw a controlling net over our expression of happiness. One can reach the mandatory goal with or without having to be a perfectionist. When a desired goal isn't achieved to become a perfectionist, on the other hand, leave very little room for one to love and accept yourself unconditionally. And when our dreams are not achieved, we feel sad or can not be entirely satisfied. However, the truth is we only have each time of the Current Moment to reside in. By being perfectionist, our mind is going to be thinking about the potential and forever planning or lamenting about what went wrong before. Because of these tendencies, several perfectionists cannot feel satisfaction because in their perception they never seem to do things good enough to warrant that feeling of contentment.

Out of this, we could view a paradox of life. That is:

'How can one have perfect peace, self-love and joy when one is really a perfectionist? '

Thank you for reading..