Heartbroken Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

Have you gone through a breakup recently and feel that you have lost your both your lover, your best friend and your soul mate all at the same time? You are probably asking yourself time and time again "How do I get my ex boyfriend to love me again?", but right now the answer probably seems to be totally out of your reach.

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If she is with another guy, start dating another girl. Keep in touch with your ex and let her know that you are still interested in her, and still have feelings. If she sees you with another girl, it may spark jealousy and she will realize that you are who she is supposed to be with.

In a nutshell, your ex had a very good reason to dump you and while you may not see it, don't assume it's just a passing phase and once they get over it, they'll get on the phone and tell you to come back.

Distance - Try to put some distance between you and your ex. If you are still in contact it is much harder to accept that it is over. Being in each others company alot can lead to confusion and often someone being led on and sometimes even used. The best solution is to try and stay away from each other, putting space between you can help you both figure out exactly what you want.

Next, realize that the relationship you had with your boyfriend before the breakup is through. Nothing will bring that back, and nothing can undo what's already been done. So don't dwell on how things used to be. Your relationship obviously wasn't everything it should have been, or it wouldn't have ended. Think about what could be better between you, and this will help going forward as you begin to approach getting back together.

Getting over a break-up, even an amicable one, can be a lonely road but you just have to get through each step and each day - one at a time. If you're still wanting your ex back even a month after a break-up then perhaps, T.W. Jackson's book The Magic of Making Up can help you get him (or her)back. After your one month separation is the perfect time to go over the relationship you had with your ex and it's quite possible that T. W. can help you, help yourself, get your ex back.