Thinking about ordering DirecTV? Read on

If you are thinking of jumping aboard and using the world’s biggest provider of satellite television at the moment, Direc TV, this article is for you. while it’s not a review as there is plenty of reviews of DIRECTV’s services online it’s more of a rundown of some fun stats that you maybe where not even aware of and that might influence your decision about ordering their services. 

The company didn’t start out on its own but it was founded in 1985 as a part of a bigger company that later sold DirecTV called Hughes Electronic Corporation. The same company that now goes by the name of Hughes Net and that offers various internet services. Not only that but in the year of 2014 and 2015 you can get some very affordable bundles offered by both Direc TV and Hughes Net that will allow you to pay a lot less for both of these services when getting them together. 

Today DirecTV, operating on its own, has an impressive number of subscribers that just surpassed 36 million in the last few months, larger cut of that are U.S. customers and a slightly smaller percentage are the ones based in Latin America. That has made them the biggest provider of satellite TV in the world. Bu they are also the biggest provider of HD channels in U.S. as they are broadcasting over 195 HD channels in full HD. Some rumors say that they will be going to offer all of their channels in HD by the year 2016 but tit remains to be seen. 

There is one more “hot” rumor regarding Direc TV these days and that is the possibility of the company being bought by AT&T for $50 billion. As this “news” is still unconfirmed and unofficial it remains to be seen how this will unwrap but 2015 and 2016 seem like good years to be a customer of DirecTV!


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