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Eyelash Curler


Unlike the permanent curlers, TWILASH is the best tool that curls directly without the need of chemicals or primers. Along with chemicals come side effects that are not insignificant as they may accelerate the loss of eyelashes. In addition to decreasing the amount of lashes, referenced as madarosis, these chemicals weaken and break the lashes making them appear shorter and increase the risk of allergies and/or irritations.  TWILASH not only produces a better eyelash appearance, it also eliminates the side effects allowing natural growth.

The conventional eyelash curler is aggressive and misuse may involve loss of eyelashes, pinching your eyelids and even ending with severe eyelid trauma.  This conventional tool even though is referenced as a curler, bends and not curls the eyelash in an effort to replicate an increased curvature. This bending is bad for your lashes given that these are living tissue. The continued clamp action breaks and weakens the lashes and then you wonder where your lashes went. The eyelashes are comprised of keratin scales, which provide elasticity and flexibility. Drastically changing the anatomy of the lashes disrupts their natural growth and weakens them through time. TWILASH is the best eyelash curler in the market because it increases the curvature along the entire eyelash without drastically changing the anatomy.

When it comes to cleaning your eyelash curler TWILASH is the best in its category. TWILASH is a precision tool that is easy to maintain, clean and sterilize because it does not have any mechanical or moving parts as other conventional eyelash curlers. Good hygiene of tools associated with the eye is key to prevent irritations and infections.

Using makeup removers in combination with physical action, promote over time premature aging of the eyelids. The eyelid is composed of a thin layer of epidermis that has the biological function to protect the eye from external agents. This deteriorates when mascara is removed due to the rubbing and pulling action. The soft and thin skin experiences a lack of moisture that facilitates the premature appearance of wrinkles and expression fine lines. TWILASH is a tool that effectively removes mascara from the eyelashes without interacting with other sensitive parts of the eye. TWILASH is the best mascara remover in the market because it removes even the toughest waterproof mascara without pulling or rubbing sensitive skin areas.

Remover agents are used daily by women to remove mascara due to their high efficiency for decomposing sticky make-up. Unfortunately, when in contact with the skin, these have the disadvantage of clogging the pores, which can lead to breakouts and irritations. TWILASH eliminates this concern because it removes mascara without interacting with the skin. This amazing feature allows you to use effective makeup remover solutions without fear of promoting wrinkles, expression lines, sagging of the skin, and fatigued eyelids.

Conventional methods and tools used to remove the mascara are impractical and involve a lengthy process. Because it is a routine that takes place at the end of the day, where the user is relatively tired, many women obviate this step and sleep without removing the mascara.  They expose themselves to infections and irritations. In addition, sleeping with mascara can weaken your lashes. TWILASH becomes women’s best friend because it makes the mascara removal process a simple and convenient.

TWILASH is being recommended more and more by beauty experts because they recognize that the best way to preserve natural beauty is by eliminating hazardous practices and products that only seek part of the solution.  The products can be purchased through a makeup or skin professional that carries this brand and online at and Amazon.