Facebook turns the London Eye into big UK election pie chart

Facebook turns the London Eye into big UK election pie chart

LONDON -- It towers 443 feet above the River Thames and gives tourists spectacular views of the city, but on Friday night the London Eye turned political, transforming into a pre-election pie chart.

Facebook UK is using the much-photographed landmark to show how people in the United Kingdom have been engaging with the election so far.

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There have been some 52 million interactions on Facebook connected to the May 7 vote, with the right-wing UK Independence Party the-most talked about, clocking up 15.6 million of those. A like, share or comment counts as a single interaction.

Overall, Facebook expects the election to be the sites to search at biggest topic discussed by users in the UK -- where it has 35 million users -- this year. In fact, the social network says interactions around all of the main parties have increased in the last few weeks.

After UKIP, the Conservatives were the second most-discussed party with 12.2 million interactions, followed by Labour with 9.7 million, the Liberal Democrats with 2 million, the Scottish National Party with 2 million, the Green Party with 1.3 million, the Democratic Unionist Party with 40,000, Plaid Cymru with 31,000 and Sinn F?in with 4,000.

Starting Friday until election day, a representation of the anonymised number of interactions will appear on the giant Ferris wheel every night at 9:30 p.m. BST, with the latest information being shown.

Facebook says it hopes the large-scale data visualisation, located close to Westminster, will help increase actual voter turnout on election day.

Earlier this year, the BBC reported that the Conservatives were spending more than ?100,000 a month on Facebook and as much as ?3,000 for each constituency campaign in the run up to the election.

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