Natural Supplements For Acidity Problem To Treat Gastric Trouble

Men and women worldwide are suffering from acidity problem. Hydrochloric acid is necessary for the digestion of food. When our stomach produces excessive hydrochloric acid, we usually suffer from hyperacidity. People, who eat lot of spicy as well as fried foods, usually suffer from acidity problem. Lot of herbal pills and allopathic remedies are available in the market to cure acidity problem. You should be prudent to choose right natural supplements for acidity problem. You are advised not to select allopathic remedies because such pills do cause side effects.

Before choosing right natural supplements for acidity problem (Herbozyme capsules), you should know symptoms of acidity. Symptoms of acidity are heartburn, ulcers, vomiting, nausea and sour eructation.

Key ingredients in Herbozyme herbal pills are Ajwain, Hing, Madhur Char, Sat Podina and Podina. All these ingredients are blended in correct dosage to make this herbal pill one of the best natural supplements for acidity problem.

Regular use of this herbal capsule offers effective cure for acidity and heartburn. Take two herbal pills daily with plain water for three to four months to cure acidity and hyperacidity problems without any fear of side effects.

It boosts digestive balance and relieves you from stomach irritation. It also prevents bloating. It also offers effective treatment for constipation, flatulence and other digestive tract problems.

You can buy this herbal supplement from reputed online stores using debit or credit card from the comfort of home. It is available in the denomination of 100, 250, 150 and 500 capsules at reliable online pharmacies.

Drink plenty of water daily to flush out excessive stomach gases. It also excretes unwanted materials lying in the stomach.

Some people have habit of chewing aniseeds after intake of food. It improves digestion. You can add one teaspoon full of aniseeds to one cup of boiled water and allow it to cool for overnight. You need to strain water in the early morning and add one tablespoon full of honey and drink throughout the day. Nuts like raisins, almonds and dried figs offer effective cure for burning sensation. Fruits like cucumbers, watermelon, banana and papaya offer effective treatment for acidity.

To neutralize the effect of acidity, you are advised intake of cold milk daily before going to bed. You can get relief from acidity through keeping one clove in your mouth. You are advised to practice mild walk and meditation regularly to get relief from stress and acidity problems. You need to ensure sound sleep regularly. You should prevent intake of heavy meals before going to sleep. Instead, you are advised intake of four small meals daily. You should avoid long gaps between meals. You should prevent intake of chocolates, junk foods and fried foods. You should also avoid spicy foods.

You should avoid aerated drinks, alcohol and smoking. You should consume foods rich in carbohydrates. Thoroughly chew home cooked food and consume to boost digestion and to prevent acidity problem. You are advised to consume overripe banana after intake of food. You should reduce extra weight.


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