A Company Directory Just Is not Enough Anymore!

A Business Directory Just Is not Enough Anymore!

By: Martin Lemieux

Would you own a business listing? Have you been having a difficult time beating your rivals? This short article will help you towards making your competitors far behind.

The theory here isn't about getting as many business listing listings that you can. The concept we need to build is all about more community within your directory.

I always like utilizing a 'saying' I learned from community marketing: 'I'd rather utilize a large number of one hundred people's work, then utilize a huge number of my own-to market my business.' If you keep this in mind, there's nothing you can't be successful at.

With that in mind allow me to be quick to point out that, I'm not discussing developing an affiliate program. These come a dime-a dozen and can be purchased. What we have to do is create something larger than ourselves. I am referring to taking our service and increasing anything involving people.


For these kinds of sites, it gets a bit tougher to create a community people can relate to. If you are interested in police, you will perhaps fancy to explore about fundable. This is only true mainly because the more wide your audience/visitors are, the tougher it is to a target your resources.

Here are some ideas it is possible to use for a common directory:

- Create a blog and use it to feature some new results in your service. Perhaps also offer a overview of some type.

- Provide the capability to include a brand or image connected with all the list to be able to modify it more.

- Give the ability to people to distribute more information than the majority of your competing websites around.

- Ensure that you include an in depth research func-tion.

- Create an online survey on tips to enhance the service. Use these ideas immediately.

- Email everyone within your directory probably once a month outlining most of the new results placed on line for that month.

- Make sure to have a 'information' site in order that visitors could see what is new.

I think you get the idea now. The whole point is, there's no limit as to how you can grow 'around' your directory listings in order to increase the price of one's directory online. The more you give back to people, the more they might tell their friends about your service.