Wild Orchid Resort Subic: Your Gateway to Exciting Subic Bay

Wild Orchid Resort Subic: Your Gateway to Exciting Subic Bay


Whether you kick-off from Manila or Angeles City, Subic Bay is within reach in a few hours’ drive through relaxing and invigorating countryside scenery. For many, traversing SCTEX, one of the most modern and well-designed expressways in the country, is like cruising a California interstate highway. No, in fact, it is even a more verdant and pastoral landscape because we all know the Philippine archipelago is located in the tropics and is constantly blessed with tons of rains when needed and year-long sunshine that nourish and preserve the predominantly agricultural areas around the scattered urban centers in more than 7,100 islands.


Wild Orchid Resort Subic is one destination strategically located beside Subic Bay, the former naval station of the US Seventh Fleet. Today, Subic Bay Freeport has become a bustling industrial commercial complex which houses many foreign and local manufacturing entities and service-based enterprises. With such a wide variety of nationalities and cultures represented in a town-sized industrial complex, an equally diverse selection of recreational facilities and activities are available for the thousands of its yearly visitors, not to mention the Subic residents themselves.


Wild Orchid Travel can prepare day-tours and package vacation trips of one’s choice of adventure, such as water sports or nature trekking. Here’s a list of some of the most popular spots in Subic guests of Wold Orchid Resort Subic can relish at their leisure while they spend a week or a weekend in Subic Bay:


Water Sport Activities include the following:

•    Jet Ski
•    Banana Boating
•    Scuba Diving
•    Snorkelling
•    Parasailing 
•    Subic Bay Ocean Adventure 



World-famous Ocean Adventure is a nautical sanctuary which showcases sea mammals, dolphins, killer-whales and sea lions. You’ve seen them on TV or movies; it’s time to swim along with them and touch them in the flesh at Subic Bay.


•    Treetops Adventure
From a height of 100 feet above the ground, see a different perspective of nature. You can walk among the rainforest’s highest branches through 4 suspension bridges and ride 9 motorized cable rides of up to 220 meters long. 


•    Zoobic Safari
Subic Bay Freeport's Forest Adventure Park houses a zoo within a 25-hectare area containing an amazing collection of various exotic animals roaming and frolicking in their natural habitat. One can take a ride and practically come face-to-face with tigers strolling in their natural domain while you sit safely behind steel bars in a jeep.


•    Shipwrecks
Diving down can provide rare adventure as you mingle with rare marine life and explore relics of history that date back to the Spanish and American periods. (Wrecks include Oryoko Maru. Seian Maru, USS New York, USS Rochester, and LCV Landing Craft and LST vessel).