Bell – Best and Affordable School Management Software

Bell – Best and Affordable School Management Software

Now a days, it’s become easy to manage to manage the school administration work with computers and technology. There are various number of tasks or work to manage in schools. There are some activities need to manage in schools are like student and faculty attendance, fees, admission, inventory, tuckshop etc.

In old method to manage the schools administration work there are many complications. Just think what if new technology or school management software operates all daily activities. There are some question below which need to be think:

·        If any software manages these all the activities in some clicks for your school?

·        If you any school software save your time and reduce your work?

·        If school software is available at affordable price?

·        If any software manage school transportation?

·        If any school software manage Accounting?

·        If any software manage student and staff attendance as well as personal details?

·        If any software generates ID cards, results, various reports?

·        If any software is easy to operate for manage the school management?

For the all question above we have one solution. Bell, this is unique software for school which can manages your daily tasks. Bell is Complete ERP Software for School. This software is user-friendly software and help in reducing the paper work and save your time. School software is directly connected with the printer through which you can directly get the print of reports like fee slips and other reports.

Through this software you can also sent SMS to the parents/guardians about their child. In Bell software admin user can manage the permission to particular user means which assess is given to which user. This is fully secure software in which you can save your important data.

You can try Bell free for 30 days. In this free trial of Free School Management Software you will get higher package of software in which you can test all modules of Bell easily. For more information about software you can make a call at +91 81466-52452.