What to Expect When Pursuing a Degree in Political Science

Political Science Major: What to ExpectStudying politics in the 21st century exposes students to the wide array of social and economic issues which contribute to everyday government decisions and policies. Warfare, strife, global inequality, and the proliferation of weapons are common discussion topics in political science lectures. For those wanting a politics degree, it is recommended that students have an interest in social and political issues. This will maximize your university experience in this field.

Studying political science requires analyzing issues through certain theoretical methods. Students begin by taking introductory politics courses which apply the theories and perspectives necessary for the practical interpretation of issues being studied.

Examples of Popular Political Science Fields

The following fields of study may also be pursued as degrees. Undergraduate and post graduate students have the opportunity to specialize in the field that interests them most. Furthermore, there are key discussion topics that cross through every field in political studies. Students will become familiar with them throughout their political science program.

International Relations: Students study the nature of the international system, and the factors that lead http://adidasgolf.com/ to global phenomena such as war. Courses in globalization are an integral part of IR studies.

Comparative Politics: This field examines different political structures, types of government, and and how they contribute to the proper functioning of social institutions.

Government and Public Policy: Students concentrate on the domestic politics of a nation, and ways in which the public can influence government policies through legislators.

Political Theory: An interesting account into the birth and evolution of political thought throughout the 17th century. Topics looked at include writings of philosophers such as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Aristotle, Plato, and so on.

Politics and Economics: Political economy is a relevant aspect of global politics. Studies include analyzing and understanding issues through Marxism, Capitalism, and Socialism.

Politics and History: The emergence of key political developments are studied to understand the factors that have shaped and led to current political structures.

Pursuing Post Graduate Studies in Political Science

Students may wish to pursue a masters or PhD program in political science. Post-graduate degrees in politics specialize in areas of study that are relevant to society, the government, and political institutions. Individuals with a masters or PhD degree in political science may become politicians, policy analysts, political party managers, assistant professors, educators, and so on.

Students with strong interest in politics enter college and university knowing which courses to take, and the degree they intend to pursue. Several other students become drawn into political science programs after taking certain elective courses. If you are somewhat interested in a political science major, it is worth researching what to expect in this academic route.

What can you do with a Political Science Degree?

Graduating with a political science major offers students a wide array of job opportunities. Students have many career options to choose from, each requiring the application of practical knowledge and skills gained during undergraduate experience. The following is a broad, yet not exhaustive list of various sectors in society that seek to hire students in the field of politics.

Careers Relating to Government http://about.me/sherlynpopelka Politics and Public Policy

Careers in Journalism and Mass Media

Careers in the Private Sector

Government and International Agencies

Educational Institutions

The Legal Sector (Law Firms)

Research Organizations

Economic Institutions (Banks)

Remember that getting hired as a political science student may also depend on involvement in extra-curricular activities and volunteering.