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A Great Mother I Told You Were Special I Hope You See. A Man Of God Who Writes Poetry. Just Let Me Know How Many Times. And Ill Always Be There With A Rhyme. Just Continue To Thank God EveryDay. Gods Will Not Ours Is What We Say. Live Love & Laugh Is Not Just a Quote. But How We Live And How We Cope. Love Our God And Each Other. I Told You Today Your A real Great Mother. Life Is Not Easy That Is True. But It Sure Is Better With Friends Like You. I Could Write Like This Forever. All You Do Is Mix Up Letter. Letter That Man Have Made. But God Uses Them In A Different Way. Gods Love Gods Grace Is What I Say. I Wrote You This Poem So Have A Real Nice Day. I Hope To Tell You Not Just A Day. Our Friendship Together Is Here To Stay. So You Can Feel Happy With This Friend. Because Im By Your Side Until The End. No More Time To Waste And Cry. When We Have Friends That Stand By Our Side. Love Our God And Love Family and Friends. We Are The Children Of God... Amen (Amen) Write A Poem For You From Me... No No No... You get Two Or Three. Because Your Special Dont You See. You Helped Me Out In My Time Of Need. Your Like An Angel From Up Above. You Give To EveryOne With Love. A Great Friend You are To Me. And Today I Write Poems For All To I See Each Word By Itself May Seems Little. But Combine Them Together And It Makes A Riddle. I am a Man With Character Flaws. When I Write God Does It All. I Pray Please God Guide My Hand As I Write. Show Me And Others To The Light. Let Us Feel Love Deep WithIn. And Let That Holy Spirit In. If You Ever Need To Make A Choice. Open The Bible Its Gods Voice. Proverbs: Wisdom for Life

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