Targeted traffic data at a glance bus station LED display acclaim

April one, the reporter contacted the bus firm working in Hanzhong City Segment. In accordance to reviews, the present provide Avenue near Castro Diaz only three bus, have been previously temporary stops, just lately developed a shelter, however the recent LED screen(EN12966) hasn't been put into use.

April six within the morning, during the Chinese district energy station Castro Diaz Avenue and east of your entrance, the reporter saw the newly created four new bus shelters, the leading LED display not enabled, waiting for any bus to Mr. Chen launched here only through 3 bus routes, previously only temporary stops, near some genius constructed a shelter, that LED screen also displays vehicle arrival problem, Chen praised: "very superior, incredibly handy."

LED display has not been place into use now everything is prepared and so energized

April 6, 9 pm, Hanzhong City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau right under the brigade produce Workplace staff, Law Enforcement Bureau in March close to the Castro Diaz investment within the construction of two new bus shelters with LED display You could display bus information, by way of example the quantity of kilometers as well as arrival time of arrival required, there is going to be some marketing language, "these two groups regarded the brand new pilot, if your response is superior, the latter will give another shelters also set up LED display. "

For LED display Why not but accessible, directly beneath the brigade generate workplace personnel responded, mainly due to not powered, we usually do not use, however the challenge energized by the charge of Hanzhong City street management workplace. 10 o'clock that morning, Hanzhong City and Street Lights Office staff reply, at the moment near the road Castro Diaz powered street lighting has not been integrated inside the management workplace, "there are still roads, the wires Waduan, nevertheless repaired, together with other wires, roads are repaired, the roads classified as street management office management variety, it'll be energized to the road. "

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