several kinds of functional fibers(二)

If you have already read the previous article, you must know a little about fibers. And now, I will introduce some more kinds of fibers to you in order to find a reliable china fiber supplier. I believe you will be interested in it.


4. Milk protein fiber is also a fresh fiber as one of the green and healthy fibers, which has been accepted in a variety of fields. The advent of this fiber updates the traditional thoughts about animal protein fiber, which is accommodated to the demands of people’s lifestyle and will become popular in the market of textile products.


5. Jade fiber is a new fiber, which have been widely used in the production of textile and apparel products. Some special functions can be found obviously, for instance, its mineral materials are good to our body and we may feel cool when we wear the clothes made by jade fiber. What I want to impress customers is that jade fiber is the most salable functional fiber products in the market now, because it becomes hard to find comfortable and natural materials with the rapid development of technology and the increasing of top-level talents.


Roughly speaking, there are various fibers available at our company, but what shares a good marketing rate is jade fiber for its incomparable benefits. And to buy cool and healthy jade fiber is the trend for a large number of people.