Dino Agbayani, Education

Dino Agbayani is a renowned journalist that has traveled the world in pursuit of great stories. His writings have appeared in publications around the world and he is known for his commitment to excellence. He attributes all of his opportunities that he has seized to his excellent educational background. He attended the University of Hawaii in Honolulu Hawaii and made the decision to be as dedicated as possible to achieving all that he could. This is not an easy task to do. College life can be quite distracting and called you to activities that don’t necessarily translate in the classroom. This is most certainly the case in a town like Honolulu which has countless outdoor attractions and the allure of the public beach system. There was plenty of time for recreation however and he did enjoy those things, but he never lost focus on dedicating himself to achieving everything that he needed to come out of the University with his education in hand. He is often very vocal about the role of education in his success and he openly discusses how this University in particular was such a great experience.


Dino Agbayani therefore suggest to people that are considering a place to go to college, to consider the University of Hawaii on the list of educational institutions on the short list. There is nothing like a solid education and a system that supports their students in a way that gives them special pride in their attendance and successful completion of a degree. This is why he speaks so highly of the University and you will hear this from many people who went there as well.