Good ways to choose the scarves

Scarves are also very demanding with such dark blue velvet jacket with a white towel, a gray jacket with a red scarf, coat with apricot rose purple scarf; when the jacket and scarf color close, shiny pins available to coordination. You can get more information about them when you ask China fabric supplier.


It is worth noting that, to match the elegant effect, particular attention clothing collar. For example, high-necked sweater hedging election were appropriate, coats places have V-shaped collar, lapel better. Here to introduce you to several rich in charm dress:

A: True elongated maroon floral scarf with gray clothing, can it beat spirituality;

B: Phi collar coat with Rose bottom ocher pale white flower square scarves, in the middle or slightly lateral collar tie from the silk fabric manufacture, will make people look noble modesty;

C: The orange-red flowers with a red patterned scarf around the neck to the chest cross, two through the ribs, tie a knot in the back, a coat, a unique personality will be vividly revealed;

D: innocent quiet personality, good at creating two flower girls can be tied in the neck full of delicate roses with white scarf, a lovely, immaculate innocent girl he stood there smiling.


Of course, lively, outgoing girl will go to the silk scarf wholesale and buy a few pieces of colorful small square; choose a side length of 32 to 40 cm, and then folded into "Winter hat" --- folk, post modernist abstraction and even spray dyeing, will "head landscape" a pleasant surprise.