How many kinds of Alpaca do you know?

Alpaca wool has four thoroughbreds and they are Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna and Guanaco.
Llama wool fiber is the thickest and longest among these four species, but poor elasticity. The fineness of its villi is about 25-35 micron, its setae are about 150 micron; the length of it is about 200-300mm.
Alpaca is the most important and most widely used. Its hair is soft and long, it has different colors like white, grey, black and brown,with good gloss just between mohair and camel. The fineness of its villi is about 15-20 micron, less setae; the length of its villi is about 8-12cm and setae are up to 30cm.
Vicuna is a kind of wild alpacas, and it is most fine which is close to cashmere fiber.  The fineness of its villi is about 10-20 micron, mostly between 13 micron and 14 micron and its strength is also similar to cashmere fiber. Because it is rare, so it is more precious。
Guanaco also belong to wild alpacas. Indians made it domestication, but not much. Guanaco is similar to Vicuna, but its setae are slightly rough and the fineness of it is about 18-24 micron. Its coarse hair content is up to 10%-20%.