What does it take to become a golf teaching pro at a country club?

You can apply to be an assistant pro at some golf course and work there for 6 months. These jobs usually require some sort of golf background and only pay $8-$13 per hour. Then you can take the Playing Ability Test and shot about 156 for 36 holes in one http://www.foxsports.com/golf day or take the test 2 times and score at least 82 every 2 years. Then you complete course work through independent study and seminar weeks. During http://www.sherlynpopelka.com/ this time you earn promotions and become known in the local golfing community and apply for better positions as they become open. The course you work for usually pays all of your fees to the PGA. If you work hard and people like you, you can be a head pro in 4-6 years.

Another option is to enter a golf school, kind of like a junior college for golf industry careers. They take 1-2 years and cost $20000. They are located in Southern California, Myrtle Beach, and Florida. Then go to step one above.

Or you can enter a PGM program at one of about 20 universities.

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