Glamour and Glow Las Vegas February 2015: EDM Taken to a Whole Other Level - Las Vegas Photography

Thomas Stark captures emerging Las Vegas. Whether or not it is the new cameras and the new rising technological innovation or the articles developed with it, he finds the tale. He is an inventor himself so he genuinely understands the improvement process. He has worked for this kind of prestigious locations as Brooklyn Bowl Las vegas, IGT, Genisis Gaming Inc, the Art Institute, ITT, Unicahome, and Thomas Arvid, to name a few. He truly understands the driving the scenes magic. He has been a photographer for many many years, like landscapes, dancing, new technology, and portraiture. He has expanded on his artistic abilities in assisting individuals with comprehension science and technologies greater. We are surrounded by technological innovation so why do so couple of people understand it. He has a great many several years guiding the digicam. Make contact with Thomas at [email protected]