'Project Runway': Remaining Designers Show At New York Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Steel Closet

The goal of Project Runway is to get to New York Fashion Week. Well that show just occurred with eight designers showing their collections. Looking through the collections trying to guess who made the finals is tough this year. There are several stand out pieces, but not many total duds. Justin's was basically devoid of color, being black, white and this taupe/gray fabric. That's always dicey as the judges only like those collections if they are stellar. Alexandria's was notable for her style rather than her color choice. She did more pants than most collections, but seemed to finally be over the drop-crotch version. Jeremy had two tops made of feathers and another top with glitter. That is the most outlandish collection, but not the best.

Alexander followed his birds at midnight theme and did black and blue with white accents. Dom also did blue and black, but with printed fabrics. Those are two of the better collections. Dom's statement piece is a silver metal with a sheer bottom. Alexander's is a version of his branches theme that goes over the model's head. Kate and Helen, however, used orange in their collections and Kate did it much better. Other than her random gold dress, she has a really nice collection of black, white and orange. Her best dress is a flowy orange and white print. Helen's printed fabric outfits look cheap. Her best effort was her little black dress. With several weeks left until the finale, who do you think will make it? And better yet, based on these collections, who deserves to win Project Runway this season?