How to Handle Stress

Life is a constant battle, and while we cannot simply glide through life's struggles, we can only take short breaks just to keep ourselves together and unwind, ready for another battle. Here are three things that effectively calms me down whenever I'm stressed.

1. Be Your Own LifeCoach

If you were your own lifecoach, what would you tell yourself? Time to detach from your emotions and think about the situations as they are. Try talking to yourself in a mirror. I know it's crazy but it's one way to help deal with emotions and see things objectively.

2. Meditate

Find one quiet area to inhale and exhale every fiber of negativity that is clinging on to you. Clear your mind. Listen to a soothing sound while you meditate. If there's one thing you love about your life, chant it repeatedly.

3. Watch a comedy movie

Something about a movie draws your attention away from your own drama and into the characters' story. It's okay to get a few laughs for a little distraction. After a few minutes, you'll feel lighter inside.


Ines Fiegel