Does Justin Bieber Wear Lipstick?

At Fashion's Night Out, Justin Bieber answered a very important question that his fans must be dying to know the answer to: does he wear lipstick?

The Biebs was present for Dolce & Gabbana's prelaunch celebration for the new "Passion Duo" lipstick, so he was bound to be asked a few questions on how he keeps his pout in perfect condition under all those harsh, lip-cracking lights. So has he taken a page from Katy Perry by using cherry Chapstick? Does he opt for a moisturizing lip gloss in a nice neutral shade? Or has he raided Selena Gomez' makeup bag looking for the perfect undetectable lip stain to match his complexion?

Justin BieberUnfortunately Justin Bieber wasn't ready to disclose his makeup secrets to his many adoring fans, although he did make it very clear that he does not wear lipstick. In fact, when he was asked about the theory that many male celebrities wear lipstick, he didn't seem too happy about it, so he defensively turned the question around by asking an inquisitive reporter, "Do you wear lipstick?" (The answer to that question was probably "yes" -- male and female reporters alike wear loads of makeup).

And despite the fact that he was at an event celebrating makeup, Justin Bieber wants his fans to know that he's not a fan of it. He had this to say about the cakey camouflage: "A little's fine, but at the end of the day, you have to be yourself. If there's more makeup on your face than your face, then that's kind of weird." Luckily Selena Gomez seems to be a natural beauty that is in no danger of looking "weird."

So take heed, Beliebers -- Justin is no fan of the fake, caked-on look. It's always a good idea to use a little bit of makeup to enhance your natural features like big doe-eyes and cute sprinklings of freckles, rather than attempting to hide your whole face with eyeshadow all the way up to your brows; massive amounts of bronzer; and huge fake eyelashes. Hear that, Kim Kardashian?

Photo Source: Flickr