Notices for the buying of lock products

We should pay attention to the products’ quality or something else when we buy the things we need. Now the lock is the safety guard for us in general. How could we buy a good lock from window and door accessories suppliers China for our house? There are some notices for you guys should to know.


We should choose well-known, stable quality, good service the company's products, the Department of Tyrone brand has a fifteen-year history, has been awarded "China's auto lock brand devaluation."

Check the identity of the purchased product packaging, logos are complete (including the implementation of standard products, grade, manufacturer name, address, date of production) packaging is solid, content and product specification is consistent.

Observe the appearance of the product quality when you buy safe and practical window lock, including locks, lock, latch, handle and cover plate assembly and related accessories are complete, plating, painting, surface color is bright, uniform, with or without rust, oxidation and damaged signs.

Check the use of the product features are reliable, flexible, should select two or more products for control checks, especially when buying a two-way lock products must separately with all key internal and external lock switch trial. You should also check the insurance agency of particular products; it is recommended at least three times each lock or more.


Then check Tooth key situations, such as five key teeth, each key should be not less than three different spoons teeth, while the first and fifth gear tooth should try not to choose the deepest spoon teeth, which will help plug key Stubbs and easily broken. This sounds like to buy something in the discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China.