How To Stay In Your Home As You Age

Are you or a loved one facing the hard fact that you may have to move into a retirement home for your health and safety? In truth, many seniors do not handle this adjustment well, and that is why whenever possible it is best to remain in the home for as long as possible. How can you do this if you no longer feel safe and capable in your home? The following article is here to help, as it outlines a few ways to make your home more age-friendly and safe, such as through ceiling lifts in Georgetown, TX.

How to Stay in Your Home as You Age

The transition to less independence and degenerating health for the elderly is a tough one, but it can be made even more difficult if you or your aging parent must be moved into a retirement home. Research shows that those who are allowed to live in a familiar environment and are given the tools that allow for a degree of independence thrive, while the elderly who lose independence and are moved into a retirement center are less happy and less healthy. So how can you stay in your home safely as you age? Check out this list to learn more:

o Make the bathroom a safe environment: A large percentage of accidents for elderly persons who live at home occurs in the bathroom. Slippery floors and awkward surfaces are a recipe for disaster for those whose mobility is limited. Your first priority should be to invest money in making the bathroom safer. This may include grab bars or a walk-in tub.

o Reduce the risk of falling: Stairs are a serious hazard for seniors who wish to remain living in their home as they age. Whenever possible, stairs should be removed from the property and a ramp put in their place. If this is not possible, consider a chair lift to make the job of going up and down stairs much easier and safer. Slippery floors (especially tiled surfaces) can pose a problem, so consider resurfacing these areas. You can even use a no-skid spray on these surfaces to provide for more traction. Remove all floor rugs, as rugs are a potential obstruction that cause many to trip and fall.

o Make the outside of your home safe: Have a plan in place for poor weather: Who will shovel walkways and do yardwork? The outside of your home is also a factor when it comes to making your home livable as you age.

o Consider at-home health care: In many instances, insurance will help with the costs of at-home health care when such financial help is not available in a rest home or retirement center. At-home health care is a more desirable choice for most elderly patients, as it allows the patient to remain in their home and to still be allowed a degree of independence while still receiving the support and attention they need to be safe and healthy.

o Specialized equipment for special needs patients: The burden of everyday care can become too much for the caregiver if you do not have access to the tools to make your job simpler and less strenuous. Even if your loved one is in need of specialized care, if you wish them to remain in your home with you, then this can be achieved with the help of specialized equipment such as ceiling lifts in Georgetown, TX. A ceiling lift allows a special needs patient to move from 1 position to another with comfort and ease. If your loved one is in need of special services, there are any number of specialized products on the market that can allow your loved one to remain living in your home.

By: Jordan Rocksmith

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