Tips For Choose Best Countries To Visit In 2015

Tips For Choose Best Countries To Visit In 2015

Have you wondered which country to choose as your next holiday destination? There are quite many information about it online. Most of them tend to repeat the well known places like France, Spain, Italy etc.If you are bored with Paris as a best travel destination again and if you have the soul of an explorer, here is the list of some amazing, undiscovered and fascinating spots. You probably weren't even aware that some of them existed and I bet it didn't come to your mind to travel there on vacation (probably because of the negative media coverage). Come out of the comfort zone and set out on a great adventure, explore the unknown and admire the true, authentic beauty of our world.


Adventure holidays are always a lot of fun. Imagine climbing mountain peaks, water rafting in crispy waters, skiing in beautiful snow clad mountains; all these make for a fun filled adventurous trip! So if you are planning about Best Countries To Visit In 2015 an Adventure tour, there are many tourist operators who have specifically designed tours for having fun filled adventurous activities.


1. Ukraine


Ukraine has been portrayed in a pretty bad light recently. If you watch the news, it's always shown as a sad, grey and messy place. And it's such an amazing, exotic and full of colors destination. Kiev is an exciting capital city, with beautiful orthodox churches and wide streets. Crimean Peninsula (now disputed territory) boasts dramatic coastline, wonderful beaches and Disney-like Swallow's Nest castle. Don't forget to visit a peculiar, real life ghost town of Pripyat near Chernobyl.


2. Iceland


Iceland is one of the most alien looking yet so easily reachable places on Earth. The natural phenomenon - Northern Lights, spectacular waterfalls, glaciers, geysers and National Parks, Blue Lagoon hot springs with milky waters and the world's safest and cleanest capital

- Reykjavik. Those are only a few of the things Iceland has to offer.


3. Bosnia and Herzegovina


This little country that lies in Europe's most beautiful and diverse region - the Balkans boasts the most charming towns, as if they were taken from a fairy tale. Not too mention spectacular nature, unreal, green rivers and Blagaj - magnificent source of the Buna River.

Sarajevo, the capital is very a very important historically city. It was here where the First World War started.


4. Georgia


It's the land where wine as we know today was born. Visiting Georgia, you will travel through a few climate zones within 200 km (125 miles).Both oriental and extremely original modern architecture, ancient cave towns, dramatic landscapes, beautiful beaches of the Black Sea – so much in such a tiny area.


5. Turkmenistan


Turkmenistan is one of the least visited countries in the world. It's very safe and contrary to popular belief, quite easy to get to. You’ll feel like a real explorer as not many visitors have been here before you. You'll have a chance to stand at the door to hell crater, climb the breathtaking red-white canyons of Yangykala, visit the spotless, covered in marble capital city - Ashgabat and follow the steps of the famous Silk Road.


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