The profession information of the building a portable stage

In modern life, the portable stage is more and more popular. Comparing with the traditional stage, the portable stage is cheaper and lighter. Because of the advantages, portable stage is usually used for a variety of purposes, such as events, wedding, graduations, trading and so on. 
Building a portable stage can be prohibitively expensive to purchase for smaller performance groups, but by using standard theater construction techniques you can build your own portable staging that will hold up for many performances. It will likely be heavier than commercial portable staging, but you can build it with items all easily found at your local home improvement store. The amount of each item will vary by the number of platforms you need, but basic construction consists of 4-by-8-foot platforms.
RK is a portable mobile stage manufacturer who is focus on manufacturing, trading, exporting and distributing aluminum guard rails for stage. RK found in 2001, which focus on stage sale for 15 years old. We have our own factory and portable copyright.
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