The importance of tags for dry cleaners

The importance of tags for dry cleaners

Cleaning your clothes can be tiring and annoying sometimes resulting in quite a hassle. In the present busy life it can be very difficult to find a few minutes during the day and take care of your clothes. Even though it might seem like it is the washing machine that does all the work, deciding how to separate the clothes and how to clean them in the correct temperature, using the correct chemical solutions requires careful attention.

Luckily for us all clothes have a tag that displays the percentage of fibers used in making the clothes, the place where it has been made, the size, other specifics and also the way you can clean it. American law specifies that every manufacturer should include at least one safe cleaning method for the fabric to be cleaned without harming its quality. A few clothes also specify if you can clean the fabric by hand or if it definitely needs to be dry cleaned. In this case, you need to be very careful if you spill any liquids on your clothes because if it says “dry clean only”, the fabric can probably get damaged by water. Never attempt to clean and remove the stain yourself by rubbing it with soap and water. Doing so you can risk of making the stain bigger and permanent.

Asking your dry cleaner for tips is a very smart thing to do. Some dry cleaners also offer other services apart from cleaning your clothes such as repairs. Often dry cleaners, can be so convenient that they offer pick-up and delivery of your clothes to your door. Champion Cleaners in Florida, operating in Naples, Bonita Spring and Estero offer all the services mentioned above. Their experience and professionalism results in the excellent preservation of your clothes. 



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