Through the Music Eye.

welcome to my music blog where everything is the Dizyne way. Iwill be focussing on artistes, fans and insights in music industry. okay, so what do I have to talk about today? let me talk about common topic which works best for fans and artistes. Luckily enuogh, I got this article from one and only motivational speaker Wale Akinyemi. It is about HUMILITY.
This is how it goes. humility is what makes a person teachable. It is what makes a person ready to unlearn some things to learn others. It is what makes a person result driven instead of being confide by fear of failure or criticism. Humility is what cause a person to know that all they know is not all to be known about anything. It makes them understand that their way is not the only way or the obsolute way- Wale Akinyemi.
I hope you got useful insight from this article. Check out Tony Bigmile music and stick around for Dizynetunes. PEACE.
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