Cost of FZ1200R17KF6C_B2 - An IGBT Control for Brushless DC Motors

What are you waiting for? Visit and know more amazing features of FZ1200R17KF6C_B2. With this IGBT transistor module, your DC motor drives will be better than before.


Infineon FZ1200R17KF6C_B2 is the best solution to improve the performance of your brushless DC motors. Whether this application is used to medical equipment, home appliance or to industrial automation, FZ1200R17KF6C_B2 guarantees to provide as much as 1700V or 1200A.


FZ1200R17KF6C_B2 is featured with high power switching and equipped with AlSiC base plate. It also has an enlarged diode to be used for regenerative operations.


Indeed, this IGBT transistor module that’s created by Infineon ensures high reliability and efficiency. It enables brushless DC motors to go beyond the limit of their performance and sustains this result for a long time. Worried about the price? Don’t! FZ1200R17KF6C_B2 is totally cost-effective.


FZ1200R17KF6C_B2 is also highly functional on other applications such as UPS, CAVs and railway tractions.


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