4 Types of Surfboard Racks That Make Surfing Sports Easier

If you just got your very first surfboard, chances are you are ready to hit the waves. Before you head out to the water, you need to learn about the different types of surfboard racks that make surfing so much easier. Bungee cords to strap your board to the roof of your vehicle or the floor of your garage to store your surfboard might not be ideal.

Before you hit the waves, make sure you choose the right type of surfboard rack that makes transporting and storing your board a breeze:

Rack Pad

If you have an SUV vehicle, you probably already have a rack attached to your roof. This makes taking your surfboard to the water so much easier, but you still need a surfboard rack designed to provide protection. Most SUV racks are made of hard plastic, which is not the best for your surfboard. This type of rack could scratch or ding your board. A rack pad is a type of rack that is made of soft material that is easy to install and provides cushion your surfboard needs.

Soft Rack

If you have a car that doesn’t have a rack installed on the roof, you can buy a soft rack that is designed to make surfing easy. A soft rack will attach to any car and is designed to be adjustable. This means that no matter what size of surfboard you have, it is possible to load it on the roof of your car and safely travel to the water. It is a rack that is stable and sturdy, but also easy to remove. A soft rack is common for a wall SUP rack.

Garage Surfboard Rack

Instead of just throwing your surfboard on the floor of your garage after a long day of hitting the waves, you can put it on a wall rack. This is the perfect way to show off your surfboard in between wave hitting sessions and will keep your surfboard from being buried beneath your growing garage clutter. A surfboard rack garage system is the perfect way to showcase your new boards. An SUP rack for wall systems can be particularly appealing in a home garage.

Tailgate Rack

If you are one of the lucky surfers that has a truck, the ideal surfboard rack for use is a tailgate rack. This type of rack for surfers is the most secure way to transport your surfboard in the bed of your truck. It comes with a foam pad that offers protection and a strap to keep your surfboard from sliding around.