Inner Mongolia 5 police use LED display board to advertise its transportation understanding

To additional increase awareness with the place involved with the visitors from the masses of civilization, Inner Mongolia 5 County Public Security Bureau police brigade to improve its investment to more enrich and boost targeted visitors security publicity. November 4 start off, taxi brigade within the region, the Grand Duchy of PDI-board LED electronic display (en12966)scrolling site visitors security publicity posters, encourage website traffic security campaigns depth for Wuyuan County adds an attractive landscape, the genuine Targeted visitors safety propaganda tentacles extend to each and every corner.


"Safe Driving civilized travel", "everyone wants civilized traffic", "reject overcrowding, overloading, speeding" and a part close to the masses, and day by day daily life in cozy banners Taxi LED electronic show scrolling, attracted numerous pedestrians view, seems to possess come to be the masses learn targeted visitors safety understanding "mobile classroom" make concerted efforts to make a social atmosphere targeted traffic safety.


The taxi, the Grand Duchy of PDI LED electronic display propaganda, breaking the standard traffic security campaigns undertaken through the website traffic police brigade alone propaganda model, expanding its coverage, for the targeted traffic security campaign created a whole new situation.Get more quality standards of EN12966 led traffic signs, you can learn more about Agape Technology. TEL:+86(0)755-23884258  E-mail:[email protected]