Learning FDA Tobacco Product Rules, Regulations & Restrictions

Learning FDA Tobacco Product Rules, Regulations & Restrictions

FDA has the authority to regulate manufacturing, marketing as well as sale of tobacco containing products. Tobacco products will be regulated under a new standard that is far different from 'effective and safe' procedure followed for other products. This different standard under revised FDA tobacco product regulations is meant to ensure necessary protection for public health. According to the revised law, there will be some strict restrictions regarding marketing and sale of tobacco products. Tobacco products will not be allowed to be marketed or sold to the youth. The FDA is authorized to take further actions for the protection of public health menthol flavor.
Proposed FDA regulations in regards to tobacco related products include the followings:

    • Every on-street tobacco ad within 1,000 feet of playgrounds and schools would be banned.


    • All existing tobacco brands must be prohibited from sponsoring entertainment events and sports.


    • The practice of offering a free non-tobacco product for buying a tobacco item or in lieu of proof of purchase or coupons will be banned.


    • Tobacco manufacturers must restrict giving ads in publications that receive a sizeable volume of teen readers as well as point-of-sale and outdoor ads to only 'black and white' texts.


    • Anyone can now buy smokeless tobacco online and at brick and mortar shops. As per the new laws, the retailers will be required to perform age verification for their over-the-counter sales. The retailers found guilty of selling tobacco items to the minors will face Federal enforcement and be penalized fruity pebbles vape juice.


  • The law also requires restriction on self-service displays as well as vending machines to only adult facilities.

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