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When Jordan Brand and Converse announced a few days ago that they would be getting together to create a special commemorative pack that celebrated the legendary gamewinning shot Mike made during the 1982 NCAA Championship Game, the tagline was that it was the shot that turned "Mike Jordan" into the "Michael Jordan" that we know today, and the promise was that the pack would be available April 2nd. As it turns out, not only celine trapeze bag are the 23 packs available now, they actually began late last night on eBay. The sizes match up with what MJ wore back in college, so the jerseys are all size 40 and the shoes are size 13. The box also features a unique Jumpman badge that is "associated with winning and excellence." When the box is opened, the shoes are encased in acrylic and has more MJloving verbiage and the jersey is mounted in a material that is similar to the legendary UNC practice shorts that he wore during his NBA days.

The special Converse Pro Leather feature a celine boston handbag "Converse AllStar: 30 Years of 23" logo on the tongue while the stitched serial number in found on the opposite side. There is also a special "UNC 23" basketball logo and Jumpman symbol on the matching pair.

While there are 23 packs available now on eBay, Jordan Brand and Converse celine mini luggage tote actually produced 30 pairs total, however packages 1, 2, 9, 15, 23, 29 and 30 were given away to people that played an instrumental role in shaping Jordan the basketball player and Jordan the person. There is a reasoning as to why those particular shoes are popular and most Jordan fans would know.

If this package sounds like it would be of interest to you, the bidding has already started now and lasts until April 6th. With bidding already in the thousands for most of the 23 packs, it will most likely go for more than its current asking price. All of the autographs in the package were authenticated by Upper Deck, which is the only (legitimate) place to find certified celine box bag autograph cards and memorabilia by MJ.

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