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21The Benefits of Ergonomic Split Keyboards


In day today lives we find ourselves spending a lot of time on the computer. A bigger percentage of this time is spent typing. This will often lead to people experiencing pain in their hands after some time due to time spent typing on the keyboard.

This is due to the unnatural position which the no-ergonomic keyboard causes the hands to be placed while typing. Factor in long hours of typing and the result is painful hands. This is usually due to extended compression of the nerves in the hands. This continuous stress on the nerves will lead to musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel. Once any of these conditions sets in, one must undergo treatment and their typing speed is never really the same.

The good news is that there is a preventative device for all these problems in the form of an ergonomic split keyboard that was invent just for the prevention of ergonomic related problems.

Features of the Ergonomic Keyboard

These keyboards are designed specifically to fit into the space between hands and wrists while one is typing. This means that instead of having to conform one’s hands to the keyboard, it is conformed to their hands. This means that one retains their normal posture while they are typing.

The ergonomic split keyboard is split in groups of keys may be altered in angles or I some cases have fixed angles. A fixed angled ergonomic keyboard will have a usual keyboard only with the layout divided and angle for increased comfort. The adjustable key board will comprise several pieces that are independent of one another and allow one to adjust them to their requirements for comfort.

Benefits of Ergonomic Keyboards

The key benefit of having an ergonomic keyboard is reducing the strain that one would ordinarily face while typing. This usually means that one does not have to strain but rather maintains the most natural position as they type away. Learn more about CTS.

The keyboard is designed in such a way that it forces the middle finger to be in line with one’s wrist meaning that they do not have to twist their hands awkwardly to find that typing rythym. The added benefit of using an ergonomic keyboard is not only comfort an pain reduction but also comes with an increased typing speed. This means that, not only are they healthy but also pay off when it comes to productivity.

Organizations have for a very long time been advised to invest in ergonomic workstations because, not only does it make for happy employees, but also increases their productivity. There are various ways of making this a reality including, ergonomic mouse pads and ergonomic chairs to ensure absolute comfort while at the work station.