Natural Gas Market Review

-Five products classified as LPG. It truly is ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutane and gasoline.

-Most gas (60%) produced from natural gas through a process much like that from light refined products from crude oil.

-Gas is taken from natural underground deposits.

-Raw gas is a variety of hydrocarbons together with the following components to be able of volume of methane, ethane, propane, (normal) butane, isobutane, pentane, hexane, heptane, etc.

- This series can be about the increasing order of weight so that the lighter the particle, the better than natural gas.

- The 1st step for lifting gas"stripping"process gas from natural gas as to what they call"Y-degree electricity.

- The Y-rate, consisting of everything however the methane, called"dry"gas.

- Many of ethane and propane will be consumed within the refinery as fuel and butane and isobutane has to be together with gasoline.

- Gas Storage's is often either a specially designed metal containers (spherical or ball), that may have several a small amount, or in underground facilities can be hugely large.

-Underground storage is often of two types, mined in caves or rock-salt wells are washed in a very saline solution.

- A salt dome is really a large underground salt deposit inside an open space that leech out of the water cycle that may - LPG's may be cheaply and safely kept in the jar.

Gas Market Review

Previously eighteen months, all IEA markets natural gas prices continued to go up steadily. Do you know the reasons behind the continuous upward trend?

With tight resources, power generators, offer an incentive to change to gas oil and coal prices unique, new markets and delayed investments all played a role in gas demand. Investment uncertainties, cost increases and delays remain major concerns, and the gas markets, supply carries on to pose a threat to long term security.

Active Energy article

The enormous expansion of LNG production, but also for 2012 the expected 2012 investment in the short term delay in the LNG markets in the IEA and non-IEA is really a method to obtain concern for all gas users. Regardless of this tight market context, regional markets and globalization has become on the way. This tendency seems irreversible, affect also the most independent markets. Links with other interaction between money and finance industry is starting to be more apparent.

Natural Gas Market Review 2008, investment in natural gas projects (LNG, upstream lines), the increasing costs of assessment, it addresses major developments, the international oil and gas companies and natural gas demand inside the energy sector activities. Also, the publication in 2015 as well as the European Union, for example the five OECD countries and regions for detailed evaluation of information and includes estimates of OECD and non-OECD regions.

As well to provide gas to markets in Russia, together with a thorough evaluation with the outlook for gas in South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia, 34 non-OECD countries, together with analysis on new technologies brings using it.