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The Best Advice On Using Facebook For Marketing

For the past few years, many brands have struggled to effectively prove the direct ROI of social marketing. So if some people sell likes outside facebook it's facebook's loss, so they seem to discourage it. My sugestion, buy likes outside too. I was handling an electronic site, they did the above for 3 months, guess what about $3200 in sales, from Facebook alone. In my opinion I would rather have 50 or 60 true fans that engage and interact and 500 to 1000 more fake fans. This is far more cost effective than paying Facebook way more $$$ to promote your page. This is also the same as buying likes and facebook is selling you them through their ads. I think that Facebook just wants people to buy the likes from them like any greedy corporation should. At $10 each per day for a month I got fewer than 1,000 likes on each.

AdParlor CEO Hussein Fazal tells me that fans bought on mobile Like statuses more frequently but are less likely to view a business' videos and photos. That means a movie studio or web TV network looking to hook users with video trailers might want to focus on buying fans from the desktop placements. Facebook has also been deleting fake accounts and fake Likes, meaning Pages might have fewer fans than they thought.

But what differentiates any advertisement from others is the how many likes one advertisement has been able to earn from the internet users. So, at first place, the business owners need to buy facebook likes cheap which will in turn, increase the impact and reach of the advertisement.

Outside of the US, I'd be hesitant to call it a scam since you can get fans from other countries through ads buy facebook followers cheap that are pretty clearly not real people, but it's not always your fault. Agree with a lot of comments above though, buying likes is against Facebook policy but taking out ads with them is effectively the same thing. I was actually googling how to buy facebook likes because someone told me it would help boost them. Or if there are comments, unless you continue to buy them, the dates are all on one day which is also suspicious.

We add USA likes, USA shares, and USA comments to your most recent posts everyday for 28 days. We will share” any post on your wall with a given number of real active Facebook accounts from users in the USA. And this is the main reason, business owners prefer to buy Facebook fans or Twitter followers to expand their business from across the globe. You could also have your products/services watched by prospective customers each time they login to Facebook account for free.