Different principles for intelligent lock and general lock

Intelligence has been defined in many different ways such as in terms of one's capacity for logic, abstract thought, memory, planning, creativity and problem solving. For window and door accessories suppliers China, they will give you a new aspect when they describe their intelligent lock and general lock for you.


An ordinary lock doesn’t have a copper heart it? After the open side of the groove can be seen above the key back in the direction--the other side is a row of holes, holes in the copper pillars of varying lengths and spring (copper pillar near the key side) outside the aluminum seal. When the key is inserted with the corresponding tooth contact and keys on the copper pillars to form a regular curve, and get out of the heart of a large copper gap, so that it can rotate. The principle of rotation of the lock open is relatively simple. This is why so many people will buy safe and practical window lock for use.

Two electronic locks, in the field of security technology, with anti-theft alarm function instead of the traditional mechanical locks to overcome the mechanical lock password less, poor safety performance of the shortcomings that locks both technically and in terms of performance greatly improved step. With the development of large scale integrated circuit technology, particularly the advent of the microcontroller, the emergence of intelligent locks with microprocessor, so that the lock with high security, reliability, used widely.


The above is the different principles for intelligent lock and general lock. You will find the intelligent products of cabinet when you go to the market of discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China