Alex Caruso - Layaway

With a voice far more mature & seasoned than her young age of 17 would imply, Alex Caruso sings with a passionate elegance & glowing energy that are uniquely her own – and rare for her age. Perhaps it’s her strong-willed Italian bloodline manifesting itself in her songs that captures your attention. Or maybe it’s her innocent, southern charm that beckons that you keep listening. Or maybe it’s just as simple as that infectious, Hollywood smile of hers that’s just impossible to resist. Whatever it is, Alex’s unique, refreshing brand of youthful pop music has won her thousands of adoring fans far beyond the borders of her quiet little homestead in Culpeper, Virginia.

The first time you hear Alex’s voice, you will swear she has been singing for many, many years … and that’s because she has been. Since the tender age of 3, she has been singing for anyone & everyone that would listen. Her love of music has been a defining theme throughout her life and her gift has continued to grow exponentially since her early years. Visit her katy perry online at